Cheesy Scallion Grits with Lemony Asparagus

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I haven't quite gotten my multi-tasking swagger back, so Joe had to stir the grits while I blanched the asparagus.  Let me tell you the secret to some delicious and ever-so-creamy grits.  If you have never had good grits, or you swear you hate them, pay attention. Cook the grits on the stove with some milk.  I used 2% because we're out of half and half.  But they were still creamy as ever.  I used to work at little restaurant semi-chain in college that served a great brunch.  I always envied the Sunday brunchers because I never got a Sunday off,...

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The Vegetarian Memoirs: Vegetable Miso Soup

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I recently purchased a container of mild white miso for a vegan mac n cheese dish.  I used what the recipe called for, and I still have this container (albeit the smallest available) in my fridge.  So what to do with it?  Well, I definitely wanted to make the classic miso soup, but I didn't have any green onions or firm silken tofu.  I recently read somewhere that miso is a staple of vegetarians because it is high in good nutrients and protein.  I say use whatever vegetables you have on hand, but definitely keep the fresh baby spinach.  It...

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Snow Day Chili

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No school today!  Of course the weather is affecting my taste buds, making me want something warm, filling, and slightly spicy. While at the grocery store earlier in the week (amidst the huge crowd of folks preparing for a "big winter storm"), I saw a can of chipotle peppers in adobo sauce.  Apparently, they are just mature jalapenos that have been smoked.  I'd also never had adobo either.  It is kind of like a bbq sauce without the sweetness.  And these little peppers are HOT, especially since it is the whole jalapeno with seeds and all.  Be careful not to...

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Pork Medallions

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I was thinking about posting about my Uncle John's famous sweet potato pie. Then I started thinking about the intense amount of holiday treats I've been eating all week. So an idea for a simple and lean dinner forms as I sit here, grateful I don't have to work until next Monday and wishing a marathon of The Closer or CSI was on TV. You can whip up some mashed potatoes or steam some vegetables for a side dish. The faux gravy I make for this goes with any side because it is tasty and not...

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Wintry Crockpot Weather: Low and Slow Pork Loin

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When the weather gets cold, I crave a warm and easy crockpot meal.

I don't really know how to cook a tofu crockpot meal, and my last soybean excursion boiled over...and all over my kitchen. Usually, I am a pro at these things, but the termite man called to tell me that he was going to be late...and he is a talker. Right when I hung up, my ground soy bean and water mixture boiled over, and boilin' hot okara went everywhere. This would not have happened if I had used my huge pot, but I...

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A Fresh Tofu Adventure: How to Make Homemade Tofu

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Last week, I came across some great vegan blogs. After a couple months on an almost meatless diet, Joe and I have never felt better. I even started going to the track at the Y to run. If you know me, you might be laughing your head off. I am not a runner. I love my spin class, but I am just too pale and lanky to be one of those "runner chicks." After we spent the latter part of the summer grilling mushrooms and salmon on the grill instead of burgers (and not...

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